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Limited commercials We limit our commercial inventory to 8-10 minutes per hour to make our clients messages stand out. Most radio stations air 14-16 minutes per hour. Some have been known to increase that amount to 20 during the holiday season.


Marketing strategy We believe in marketing and promotion. Look and listen for MBC in other media, sponsoring events, and being visible outside our spectrum.


Local ownership and operation  We are locally owned and operated which means decisions are made by local people, just like you. Our revenue stays here with our employees and local suppliers.


Equipment  Our signals are broadcast digitally on state of the art components. The investment in technology assists us in message delivery and audience appreciation.


Announcers  All of our announcers are local and “plugged in” to our community. The interaction with listeners is an important component in keeping a strong audience. 


Community Service – We dedicate over 300 hours of advertising a year to local, non-profit organizations.  Our staff volunteers with many of the area’s non-profits, as well.


The Missoula Broadcasting Company is a locally-owned and operated media company in Missoula. Our stations are KDTR-FM (Trail 103.3), KKVU-FM (U104.5), KYJK-FM (Jack 105.9) and ESPN Radio-FM (102.9). 


Listeners tune in for upbeat personalities, community events, news, sports, and activities. By serving listeners and clients, our company contributes to the vibrancy and growth of the communities we serve. To achieve results for clients, we strive to engage listeners through excellent programming and well-crafted messages.

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